Top 50 Things to Do in Umag

Discover 50 awesome things to do in Umag with insider’s tips on sightseeing, activities, and dining

As Croatia’s NW gateway, Umag embraces travelers from all over the world to Croatia's breathtaking Adriatic coast. Umag is well known for its tourism, inviting the world to explore experiences beyond Umag's magnificent scenery and wonderful beaches along its 45-km coastline.

When visiting Umag, there are many unique and authentic experiences you can enjoy, creating memorable moments that will bring you joy long after leaving Umag. Here are our recommendations of Umag’s top experiences to explore:

  • Beautiful beaches: Umag is known for its numerous crystal blue beaches along its long coastline.
  • Exciting history: Umag was an island once, with the Umag settlement  established at the end of the port of Umag. The town walls were built in the 10th century and have been partially preserved next to the Town Museum. Read more about the history of Umag.
  • Foodie experience: Foodies love Umag for its Istrian food delicacies, local wineries, and local olive oil producers.
  • Active experience: Active travelers love Umag for its many sport activities, such as biking, hiking, and climbing, and especially for its ATP international tennis tournament, held during July of each year, which is the most famous tennis tournament in Croatia.
  • Family experience: Families love Umag for its many family-friendly activities, such as water rides, many beaches and pools, sand and rocks, and fun family activities, performances, and events in Umag center. These activities are for kids and grown-up kids too.
  • Romantic and wellness experience: Couples love Umag for its romantic vibe and many spas and wellness centers.
  • Nature experience: Naturists love Umag for its many camps and parks that offer a unique connection with nature.

Umag is truly the gateway to the Istrian peninsula and a splendid vacation in Croatia offering a perfect combination of active and laid-back holiday for everyone to enjoy. Come visit Umag and create your own unforgettable moments.

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Umag Attractions

1. Explore the historic streets of Umag old town.

2. Visit the Museum of Umag at the Bishop’s Tower to learn about the history of Umag.

3. Visit the parish church of The Assumption of Virgin Mary and St. Peregrine, the patron saint of the city of Umag, and the church of St. Roche, built after the plague epidemics in 1507.

4. Enjoy the view from the 200-year-old Savudrija Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic.

5. Visit the sunken town of Sipar, believed to have been destroyed around 876, to see the remains of the sunken town (only seen during low tide). Also visit Stancija Grande (Vila Cesare), a leisure and farming complex built in 19th century, which is currently planned for redevelopment.

Umag Beaches

6. Go swimming at Umag’s beautiful beaches, including main beach, Laguna Stella Maris beach, Osmica beach, Aurora beach, Polynesia beach, Katoro beach, Savudrija beach, Kanegra beach, Canova Park Umag beach, and Park Umag central beach.

7. Take a break from the sun and enjoy amazing views of the Adriatic at Umag’s beach bars and cafes.

Umag Activities

8. Enjoy a leisurely walk or energizing run along the Umag promenade.

9. Get adventurous with fun water activities.

10. Take a cruise to Venice, Porec, Rovinj, or Pula.

11. Drive off-road with Quad Safari.

12. Get lost in Istria’s woods and discover places off the grid with Camelus Off-Road 4x4.

13. Bike along the 45 km scenic coast of Umag.

14. Play with fishes under water at Umag’s Subaquatic Diving Center.

15. Enjoy a romantic sunset as the sun sets behind the sea.

16. Play soccer, volleyball, and other fun sports with friends by the beach. You can also play golf at Golf Club Adriatic at Kempinski Hotel.

17. Play tennis in Umag, the most popular tennis destination in Croatia and home of the largest tennis tournament in Croatia.

Umag Events

18. Enjoy Umag’s nightly summer events and festivals.

19. Watch a live game of tennis in Umag’s Stella Maris tennis stadium as tennis superstars compete at the annual Umag ATP.

20. Dance to awesome music by famous singers and DJs at Umag’s music festivals, including Spring Break Invasion and Sea Star Festival.

21. Attend a live Croatian music concert at Umag ATP.

22. Enjoy a month-long celebration of Christmas and New Year.

23. Race in the international cycling marathon Istria Granfondo.

Umag for Foodies

24. Get the fresh catch early in the morning.

25. Explore Umag with a tour guide while eating and drinking at 3 different restaurants with Istria Gourmet Food Tours.

26. Enjoy fresh bread and pastries every morning at Mlinar and Oso Bakery.

27. Enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits from Umag’s local market.

28. Taste Istria’ best wines at Istria Gourmet festival at Umag ATP.

29. Enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea.

30. Eat at local gourmet restaurants, such as Konoba Buscina and Restaurant Toni.

31. Try Istria’s craft beer at San Servolo, first small brewery to open in Istria.

32. Pick your own kiwi, figs, and other delicious fruits from trees in Umag.

33. Taste exquisite Istrian delicacies during various NW Istria food events, such as Days of Asparagus, Days of Adriatic squid, Days of Seashells, and Days of Sole Fish.

34. Visit local olive oil producers, such as Buscina, Cuj, and Farma Jola.

Umag Wineries

35. Visit local wineries, such as Degrassi, Coronica, and Cuj.

36. Spend an evening tasting popular Istrian wines at ItIstria bar, Enoteka Veralda, and Wine Bar Anton.

37. Enjoy various wine festivals, such as Istria Wine and Walk, Wine Cellars Open Doors Day, Wine & Walk by the Sea.

Umag Shopping

38. Get local food, produce, and products at Umag’s many supermarkets, such as Konzum, Kaufland, Plodine, Spar, and Lidl.

39. Buy a unique gift from Umag’s seaside vendors or at Umag’s shops in Umag center.

Umag Wellness

40. Get pampered at an Umag spa.

41. Bathe in beer at the San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa.

Umag for Kids

42. Pretend to be a pirate on a pirate ship.

43. Ride the Aquavision catamaran to see fish schools, underwater reefs, and remains of the sunken town of Sipar through the underwater windows.

44. Ride the Umag mini train from Umag center to outskirts of Umag.

45. Search for your favorite sweets, cakes, and ice cream in Umag’s many cake and ice cream shops.

46. Play at Umag’s many playgrounds, have fun at the Luna Park (Amusement Park) during summer, and go racing at GoKart Umag.

47. Ride a horse at Horseback Riding Center Katoro, ride a donkey in the Umag center, and visit a local farm.

48. Enjoy water rides at water park in Stella Maris or visit the nearby Istralandia Aquapark.

Umag Nature

49. Reconnect with nature in Umag outdoor camping, including Stella Maris Umag Campsite in Stella Maris, CampingIN Pineta Umag in Savudrija, and CampingIN Finida Umag.

50. If not in the mood to do any of the other activities, just lay back and relax.

Around Umag

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